Your book literally sent me through a whirl wind of emotions. As a father, reading this book has inspired me to build a relationship with with my daughter that nothing can ever come between! Thank you for sharing such a powerful story that can truly make a difference in so many lives.
— C. Bays II
I enjoyed it so much that I called a few family members to tell them about it. Its one thing when you think something and it goes to another level when you write it down on paper. Going thru the steps on how to get thru your fear and discover the root of it is motivating. Also to hear the different perspectives of the participants was educational for a lot of folks as it was for me. I really enjoyed it.
— E. Walters
I have gained myself worth, self-love, more confidence in God and an overall clearer view and understanding of me from the sessions.
— S. Grinstead
The questions you posed were so powerful and necessary.
— D. Rice
I thank and praise God for your life! You are more than a conqueror!
— S. Levi
I picked up your book today on the plane and could not put it down. I want you to know I’m so very proud of you and your courage to break the silence! As you broke the silence, you broke the back of your enemy! #savethechildren
Keisha was a joy to have. Her ability to be vulnerable and share her story with the audience while offering them a pathway to hope and happiness resonated with the audience. I look forward to working with her again.
— K. Thomas
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us at the HERSTORY brunch. I believe that every woman’s story is important and should be told, I applaud you for having the courage to do just that. Your story of overcoming and experiencing a new life through self discovery is absolutely amazing and my hope is that more women will hear your story and know that they too can overcome hardships. You are so inspiring and your journey will help to heal so many! Your energy is contagious and your personality is so beautiful. Thank you for an amazing presentation!
— M. Wallace